After the victory of Iran Islamic Revolution, Somaiyeh Technical Institute was founded in November 1982 in line with self-sufficiency and development of technical and vocational training.

The college have admitted students in the fields of civil, architecture, machine design, electronics, laboratory science, statistics, computer, accounting and Technical Vocational Knowledge.

In March 1983, Somaiyeh Institute admitted students in the fields of commercial sewing, in October 1986 in the field of statistics and in electronic engineering in February 1986. Then in October 1988, accounting was added to the disciplines and the number of students increased from 60 to 300 and by the end of the academic year 1988-89, the number of students reached 444. It should be noted that 20 students were admitted in the chemical industry.

In 1989, branch 2 of Somaiyeh College including educational centers, offices and dormitories, with an area of ​​approximately 9680 square meters, was opened on the Be’sat Highway (Kianshahr). Finally, in the academic year 1989-1990, the newly established educational institution, could be able to admit students in statistics, accounting, computer, electronics, design and sewing and chemical industries.

Finally, at the beginning of the sixteenth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Tehran Girls Technical High Education Center (Dr. Shari’ati) with 507 students was established in the fields of architecture, electronics, statistics, computer, accounting, design and sewing in Khani-Abad No with an area of 30 hectares.

In 1998, "Dr. Shari’ati" Tehran Girls Technical Teacher Training College was approved by the Council of Universities Expansion and other officials in the Ministry of Education and in August 1999, Center 2 (Kianshahr) was independently submitted as Vali-Asr Technical Institute.

Since the beginning of 2011 and the beginning of the fifth development plan in accordance with the Act of Islamic Consultative Assembly, Dr. Shariati Tehran Girls Technical and Vocational College along with 167 other Girls and Boys Colleges across the country was separated from the Ministry of Education and joined the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology as a Technical and Vocational College.

Now Dr. Shariati Technical and Vocational College is active with more than 5700 students and 827 faculty and staff of educational institutions (charged and uncharged).

It is hoped that these efforts be effective steps in promoting the cultural and scientific level of students and development of educational justice in our dear country.