Facing with various individual, familial, social, educational life issues etc. is often challenging and along with a feeling of dissatisfaction, confusion and anxiety and psychological pressure. All of us know that living alone is not possible. And since humans are social creatures, should be benefited from family, friends or others to solve the problems. But the more professional and controlled the help is, the problem is solved better and faster and less error probability will be possible for us.

Entering university and starting a college course, as all areas of life is associated with changes and this step can also be stressful for student.

With respect to the above necessity and aiming to help students and employees, Advice Bureau is now providing services in the fields of psychology, social work, religious affairs, social and legal sciences and as individual and group consultation and hourly or short-term cooperation like lecture, question and answer sessions and training courses in the form of extra-curricular classes that in this connection, a corner of the functions of this office is pointed out.

    Who is consultant?

A team of trained specialists and consultants, provides the groundwork for a positive change in a person (including the start of a study, discussion, etc.) and advice in educational, religious, emotional, family, communication, legal issues to help students in the psychology affairs with an individual or group approach.

What happens in counseling?

Advice doesn’t mean to sermon, advice follows to provide logical solutions to help you overcome your issues and concerns. Concentrate and reach a right and clear understanding of what has involved you in it. The role of consultant is to support, understand, listen and respond without judgment or criticism. He respects your values ​​and lifestyle and with his help, you can reach self-knowledge and identify the hidden layers of your current problems and by presenting it to you, helps you in the selections, decision-making or what is good for you.

The counselor will help you solve a lot of problems as last year this office has been able to take great steps forward to assist the students and staff with 1400 consulting sessions.

The principle of confidentiality is very crucial to ensure that the raised issues are not retold anywhere and because the advisory relationship is along with intimacy and unconditional acceptance and realistic understanding (both understanding and sensory) there must be a deep emotional relationship and this distinguishes the consulting relationship from other communications.

Obviously, however our educated youth have enough insight and knowledge of psychological development, academic, career, marriage counseling, and genetic counseling, it certainly reduces a lot of emotional adversity and mental pressures that sometimes cause physical consequences.

On the other hand, given the existence of problems among university students, especially at the dormitories and especially at the beginning of the first semester because of being away from family, counseling services is necessary.