Management of Student Affairs

    Management of Student Affairs

Director of Student Office: Mrs. Khadije Askari

Extension: 418


Duties of Head of Student Administration:

    Leadership and governance of dorms, food affairs, student welfare and establishing the necessary coordination between them.
    Drawing up internal regulations of dorms, food affairs and transportation of the student and offering the deputy
    Monitoring and control over the students' nutrition and developing program and discipline required during breakfast, lunch and dinner through the relevant units
    Forecasting human resources, funding and other needed facilities and reflecting it to the Department and other relevant units
    Assessing and reporting about activities and problems to the respective deputy
    Monitoring and control over affairs relating to student buffet
    Monitoring and control over affairs related to student disciplinary committee
    Monitoring and control over affairs relating to the kindergartens
    Monitoring and control over the affairs relating to the Guild Council



Accommodation Affairs Department is one of the most important and most sensitive departments under the management of student services and its main task is to plan to present dormitory services for regulations is non-native students within the framework of existing regulations.



    Efforts to establish a systematic management with careful planning.
    Use of active participation of students to maintain dormitories and promote ethical and behavioral levels of students in the dorms.
    Understanding and quickly responding the diverse and less-recognized needs of students about facilities and capabilities of universities based on surveys and research findings conducted in the dorms.
    Taking appropriate measures to ease tensions and provide a safe environment and create an emotional relationship with students and try to respect the students' personal and social privacy.


First name and last name:


Ferdows Naderi, in charge of Dormitories, 555003335 – Extension 410



Student Management

Nutrition Office

Nutrition Office of University is a subset of Student management whose aim is to supply the students’ food and scientific supervision on its quality and quantity. The office is in charge of supervising the process of preparation, cook and distribution of students’ food for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the use of high quality ingredients aiming to meet part of the subsistence needs of students. Reservation and distribution of food in restaurants and dormitories is done via automation system. Food section is managed under the supervision of Student Administration Office.


Some of the duties of this office are:

    Monitoring preparation, cook and distribution of food in the self-service
    Monitoring the health of the food cook and distribution environments
    Monitoring the preparation and presentation of personnel health cards in the catering
    Sanitary control of food
    Issuance of food automatic card
    Planning and preparing a meal plan tailored to the seasons and also in accordance with international standards


Full name of the operator

Khadije Bazr-Afshan - food operator 55003337 – Extension: 407

Mahmoud Shahbazi - self –service officer – 55003337 – Extension: 296