Dr. Salehi Omran at the closing ceremony of the third fashion and clothing festival:

16 June 2019 | 14:33 Code : 886 News
The presence of such a college in a variety of fields of skill with the production of social, cultural, scientific and artistic effects on the country's economy at the heart of the technical and vocational college is a happy place.

In the closing ceremony of the 3rd National Fashion and Clothes Student Festival, Dr. Salehi Omran thanked the officials and colleagues of the festival, saying:

"I believe that the most basic thing that politicians in a community can do is to develop human resources." Whenever politicians have invested in human resource development, the country has grown in various dimensions of economic, social, and political. "

He added:

"The experience of many developed countries, the path to development, has been the path to investment in education, but the problem that exists in this area is the right decision, and the relationship between education, economics and production must not be in the right and wrong."

Dr. Salehi Omran, referring to the human theory and its weaknesses, stated:

"It is not in the nature of the theory of gender and the role of women is not serious, in which the issue of education development for women was raised, and our country was one of the countries that did well, and the other weakness was that education did not actually affect economic growth. It shows that any training may not be right and investing in skills and attention to technical and vocational education that in our country, thankfully, the students' presence in the field of skills is admired and has created great capacities. "

The Head of Technical and Vocational School, while expressing his satisfaction with the holding of these festivals, emphasized:

"The presence of such a college in various fields of skill in producing social, cultural, scientific and artistic works on the economy of the country is very welcome at the university's technical and vocational college. If we can at the university these three components of education, production and labor market We can say that the waste has not occurred, and that university is efficient and this investment will result. "

Dr. Salehi Omran pointed out: "We can have commercial training at the technical and vocational university. There is a lot of social and cultural education, but its economic significance is also important. We need to increase our relationship with the economy in the current sensitive context that the technical and vocational education and training camp can do, and we have put in place this year to link the coach, equipment and curriculum.

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