Ms. Moliverdi at the end of the third fashion and clothing festival: Your activities in the area of coverage, chastity and veil are pleased.

16 June 2019 | 14:32 Code : 885 News
Ms. Shahindokht Molavardi, Secretary-General of the Women's Rights Advocate (Lawyer, Researcher, and Women's Rights and Citizen's Rights), at the closing ceremony of the 3rd National Fashion and Clothes Student Festival, initially, along with Kṛṣṭi Kūṭīṭī, to all the actors involved in the participation of the Ministry of Science and the Working Group on Organizing I was pleased to see the expectations of this festival that I was reviewing, which, with many challenges that have been around for many years in the community, is about the cover and the veil, the festival has been able to bring about a small part of the goals The ultimate goal is to organize it. In particular, your dear college academics keep up with the light that you have thrown well into this area, and if you face other people's lack of motivation in this way, you should not be disturbed and know that you have done your part well. There are many capacities in this field, which we hope will soon see the effectiveness of such important scientific activities. "

The official said further:

"In any case, you could well illuminate the third light of the event well. It is hoped that, for many years, its works and outputs will be used in the fashion and clothing industry, and there will be many audible words in this regard. A comprehensive understanding of the creativity and talents of students. "

In the next section, Ms. Moliverdi remarked:

"As far as I know, one of the goals of this festival is the introduction of the idea of ​​wealth. In the meantime, the important thing to happen is that the island practice the institutions and carers in the field of clothing and issues related to It means that this will prevent this from happening with the link that comes from the connoisseurs, designers and thinkers of this field. This desirable event can come about with the help of our economy, and since 2001, the issue of creative economics has arisen, The issue of clothing and dealing with it is an important step. "

Human capital education was the next word for him.

With this, we can bring the economy to the community based on creativity and creative work, and use the art of the day, the greatest advantage of which we rely on Islamic Iranian art, and have many talents to offer. The apparel and fashion industry can rely on resources on earth (which is our human strength), unlike a free-market economy, and refrain from relying on underground resources. The Iranian-Islamic fashion and fashion theme can One of the components of this important and resilient economy, and it is well worth the help of the community. "

He continued to realize the leadership of the Supreme Leader in recent years, especially the motto of this year as the "product boom", an important point for the implementation of the goals of the festival, and expressed hope that by the end of the year we will be able to read We accept the passage of the existing sanctions and barriers. You academics can play a good role.

He further stated:

"Through these activities, we will be able to reach the wisdom, faithfulness and intrinsic dignity of humankind, and introduce it as a model to the community." These moves, concerns, and activities are very valuable. The methods of keeping values ​​are very important, "he said.

At the end of the meeting, Ms. Moliverdi considered the change in the approach of cultural institutions as "

"It is hoped that we can get ideas from the oil-based economy into important policies in the government in the field of culture and operationalization, and we will deepen our approach to performance, from appearance to meaning, from advertising. Divine is not late that day. "

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