Head of the Technical and Vocational School of the Country: Preparing students for an exam is the wrong way of the educational system

16 June 2019 | 14:29 Code : 883 News
Quoted from the technical and vocational university site

The head of the country's technical and vocational school said: "Unfortunately, our education system is fully equipped to prepare students for examinations, not skills, analysis and recognition.
Dr. Ebrahim Salehi Omran, at the ceremony of commemorating the Mazandaran province's teachers in Sari, said education was always a commodity for elites and scholars, and the plans that are being developed are supposed to be this.
"It's always a bit of a little orientation," he said, adding that attention to physical, material and budgetary resources has always shifted away from the educational system.
Speaking at the head of the technical and professional university of the country, saying that even qualitative issues are slightly overlooked, for example, in the field of skills training, it has been emphasized that at the end of the sixth program, 50% of the students should enter the technical and vocational fields. In terms of science and education, it's a mistake.
Saleh Omran added: "Today's education system has a content vacuum that has already brought a lot of damage to society, politics, economy, and all aspects of the country, as well as examining it."
He pointed out that the main orientation of any education system should be to educate the education forces for the labor market or knowledgeable and analytical forces, but unfortunately, all the developmental measures of the educational system are passive and most of the policies in the field Education was spent on educating students to receive a degree.
According to him, the presence of 60 percent of students in the field of empirical evidence suggests that the structure and education system has always been the wrong way.
The head of the technical and professional university also emphasized: "All our education activities are preparing for the exam, and all planning and orientations from low to high educational levels are also pursuing this inescapable goal."
Salehi Omran's failure to recognize this policy is that, unfortunately, the number of universities, schools, educational centers and educational materials is constantly increasing in the country, while research shows that cognition is declining sharply.
He added that today alumni and elites lack the power to analyze the environment and, in addition, lack any skills and efficiency.
According to him, today it is clearly seen that knowledge, analytical power and knowledge are broadly analyzed in the community and have replaced the accumulation of academic and academic evidence.
The head of the technical and professional university of the country also stressed that the decline in cognition and analysis in society caused by mistaken educational policies is an emotional decision that has penetrated the entire society.
Salehi Omran also said: "Emotional decisions always cause the danger of surfing the community.

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