The presence of the head of the technical and professional university at the first meeting of the technical and professional council

16 June 2019 | 14:26 Code : 881 News
Dr. Jahangiri: Mental skills must be taught alongside professional and professional skills

Quoted from the technical and vocational university site

The first session of the High Council for Technical, Professional, and Technical Education was held yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) under the presidency of the first vice president.

According to the General Directorate of Public Relations, Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri, the unemployment rate among university graduates of the country is higher than others, and this has become a concern for families, the need for a pathology of non-absorption University graduates stressed the job market and said that there is a need for a coherent and precise program to solve the problem and to attract graduates to the labor market.
The first vice president of the president said that education orientation in the country should lead to the training of professional and efficient forces, added: Despite the large number of educational and academic centers and educated educated manpower, due to the lack of necessary skills in graduate Graduates do not provide the possibility of attracting these people to enterprises, while firms also prefer to use educated people rather than paying high salaries to people who have lower qualifications but skills.
"Education in the country's educational institutions and universities should be done in such a way that economic firms are convinced that the use of academic graduates can add to their wealth and added value and increase work efficiency," he continued.
Dr. Jahangiri states that if trained people have sufficient skills to operate in the labor market and businesses, the owners of these firms will be motivated to increase their human resources for raising their productivity and increasing their value for the period Educational and professional skills.
The first vice president emphasized: Of course, educational centers should also be ranked in terms of competence and credibility, so that both individuals are encouraged to attend training courses at these centers, as well as economic enterprises as to the ability and skills of graduates of this Centers of trust.
He added that along with professional and professional skills, it is also necessary to train ethical skills so that people who work in the labor market, along with professional and professional services, respect and satisfy customer satisfaction. Give
Dr. Jahangiri continued, pointing out that the nature of the work and the future of the market is changing, and in order to respond to these changes, we need to train skills that are appropriate to the future. We should use and exploit traditional methods of training and job retention. Existing, we will make the necessary planning for training skills through the modern methods appropriate to the future of the workforce.
The ministry's first vice president said that ministries of education, science, research and technology, and co-operation, work and social welfare, as the three main units in the education and employment sector, have a heavy responsibility, and should take steps to fulfill the duties specified in the law. A comprehensive technical, vocational, and technical education system will provide time for human resource training and training so that graduates and trained human resources can easily enter the labor market.
He called on the secretariat of the council to activate a working group with the presence of representatives of the main members of the council as well as academic scholars to review the agenda of the council meetings in the working group with the participation of representatives of the members and to sum up the discussions for the final decision on the council.
The Minister of Science, Research and Technology also emphasized that the training of skills tailored to the labor market is one of the programs and priorities of the ministry, said the necessary structures for training professional skills were provided to applicants and in an effort We are going to upgrade knowledge and skills of people.
At the meeting, which was attended by ministers of co-operation, work and social welfare, industry, mining and commerce, the Chancellor of the Islamic Republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce and the head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary of the High Council for Technical, Professional, and Technical Education, while referring to the laws and documents The upstream affiliate presented a report on the assigned tasks and composition of the council members and said that the issue of training new skills for future workforce should be considered in this council because the nature of work is changing and that skills must be tailored to the future. Update.
Dr Sehhari also referred to the World Bank's 2019 report and the bank's recommendation to governments to invest in new skills, expand social protection and raise revenues, said the need to strengthen new and innovative skills, the development of pellet businesses Formation and knowledge base, the development of labor market information systems and readiness for future work developments, including suggestions for topic design at Council meetings.
The meeting also reviewed the rules for organizing the meetings and the work of the High Council for Technical, Vocational, and Vocational Training, and it was decided that the Council Secretariat, along with the opinions of the relevant organizations, would consider this Code further in the specialized working group. And shall be communicated as a Council resolution.
In this meeting, Dr. Salehi Omran, the head of the professional technical university, presented the report and highlighted the importance of high technical, professional and professional training on the necessity of the direction of the country's higher education system to the need for labor market and skills training.

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