Condolences Message "Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi" died from the goodwill of the country's schoolchild

16 June 2019 | 14:25 Code : 880 News

The educational institutions of the country, the charity community of the school and the supporters of the technical and vocational college, are the mourners of a great man who spent his precious life teaching and educating the children of this land and gaining valuable achievements in the field of schooling and the country's scientific community. She gave her a gift.
With the utmost effect of the lesion of the late death of Dr Mohammad Reza Hafezi, the leader and founder of the schoolchildren 's charitable society, he commended his dear family, the education community of the country, and especially the great family of the technical and vocational school of the country, and thank God Almighty for that deceased Allaah, Divine Mercy, and for the survivors, patience.
Al-Hafezī, in addition to working at the schoolchildren's charity foundation, also served as a sympathetic philanthropist in some of the technical and vocational education projects.


                                                                                               great blessing and great memory

                                                                Department of Presidential and Public Relations, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Shariati

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