The live design of the Coat Manboard and Workbench Designing Day was the third day of the third National Student Festival in Fashion and Clothing.

16 June 2019 | 14:23 Code : 879 News
The two programs are on the World Wide Web, the Observatory and the Media

This morning, Tuesday, June 21st, on the second day of the third National Student Festival of Fashion and Clothes, a live design competition entitled "Designing a Community Mantle on the Elements and Signs of Ancient Persia" was held at the Phase Three Studios.
According to Professor Razmjoo (a professor at the Applied Science University), in this one-day contest with the collaboration of the "Innocent Institute of the City of Tash" and the presence of 142 students from provinces all over the country, after three hours after completing and reviewing the works, three The top design will be announced and cash prizes will be awarded to them.
On the sidelines of the second day of the festival, several workshops of Cheshme Dazhiz (Felt) were also held on the sidelines of the festival. These two programs were won by the World Fashion and Clothing Company.

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